WE BACK & Why we stopped couple content

WE BACK  & Why we stopped couple content
Ekse shap fede! I hope you guys are happy that #MoTee is back. It has been a while since we recorded but you will hear more about that in the video. I just want to say Looking For Mjolo is on its way back so please comment down below your IG handle if you would like to be on season 2. Danko Continue seeing our lives through my social media! Instagram: @thatorampedi @thesitdownza(► Twitter (@thatorampedi) ► (Mo's Instagram) For inquiries please email 😃 SUBSCRIBE It's FREE ► | ★ Edited and Recorded by Thato Rampedi Camera: Canon M50 & Canon 850 D Mic: Rode Mic Pro MoTee intro: @ngasiirwe Music: Yolophonik