POLL | Is it 'cheap' to call someone on WhatsApp?

POLL | Is it 'cheap' to call someone on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp’s calling function has caught some smoke, dividing social media users.

The feature was at the centre of conversations after one user sparked a heated debate around the “age limit” to use it.

“Why would a whole 40-something-year-old man call a woman using a WhatsApp?” the user asked.

The question quickly saw the TL split into camps, with some calling a WhatsApp call a “romantic” gesture and others claiming it was “cheap”.

Is it ‘cheap’ to call someone on WhatsApp?

The app introduced its voice calling feature in 2015. Calls are made using Wi-Fi or data.

The feature works like Skype, Zoom and many other voice-over-IP (Voip) competitors.

The call feature allows users to make calls if they’re in another country in which WhatsApp calling is available.

According to WhatsApp, the feature is not available in some countries due to local regulations.

If you are in a country with no WhatsApp calling, “you will not be able to place or receive calls. If you are in a country where WhatsApp calling is available, you will not be able to call people in countries where it is unavailable,” the app states.

You won't be charged for making a call or have your minutes depleted. However, you will be charged for using data, depending on your data plan.

According to My Broadband, WhatsApp calls are cheaper than calling on mobile networks and consume roughly 400kB per minute.

The report states WhatsApp calls cost 6c per minute on Vodacom and MTN, 4c on CellC and Telkom and 2c on Rain.