Huawei's Petal Search offers big benefits when browsing small screens

Huawei's Petal Search offers big benefits when browsing small screens

As our old habits are being replaced by new ones, most of our behaviour has shifted online. Instead of going to the shops to check out the latest fashions or driving around to look for an open pharmacy at night, most of us have turned to our smartphones to do the job for us. This is where Huawei's awesome search engine, Petal Search, comes in handy.

While the more traditional search engines have been built for desktops and laptops, Petal Search has been designed with mobile in mind. This means you’ll enjoy a much better search experience on smaller-screened devices such as smartphones and tablets: there's no more squinting or trying to resize search results to make them readable. There’s even a Dark Mode to make it easier on your eyes when you’re searching at night.

Launched in 2020, Petal Search boasts a beautiful interface and is built on top of an artificial intelligence search engine. This means it’s easier for you to find virtually anything online from news and nearby services to videos and apps. As the search results are current and highly localised, you won’t miss out on any “local is lekker” shopping offers, travel deals or restaurant specials.

As Petal Search provides current and highly localised search results you won’t miss out on any 'local is lekker' shopping offers, travel deals or restaurant specials

From a nuts-and-bolts perspective, Petal Search lets you do everything you’re already used to doing when using a search engine. Things such as voice, news, video, app, shopping, travel and visual search are all supported.

What makes this visual search option especially cool is that it uses Huawei’s HiTouch visual search technology that detects multiple objects in an image at the same time. No more hoping that the search results display the info you want; Petal Search gives you results for all relevant objects in an image.

From a security perspective Petal Search ticks all the privacy and copyright protection boxes. This means your personal data won’t be tracked (Incognito Mode), you can filter content according to age-level appropriateness (Safe Search), and all your data is stored in your local region, providing for a far more secure browsing experience.

As Petal Search is native to Huawei Mobile Services, you can add the search widget to the home screen of your Huawei device so it’s easily accessible when you need it.

Best of all, the Petal Search is freely available from the Huawei AppGallery. Download it now.

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