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Tshwane expects to switch on power soon as substation repair nears completion

Tshwane expects to switch on power soon as substation repair nears completion

The City of Tshwane expects to restore electricity this afternoon when work on the Wapadrand substation is completed.

The city’s MMC for energy and electricity, water and sanitation, and regional operation and co-ordination, Phillip Nel, said they expect to finish all repair work on the substation and cable network by 4pm and start the phased switching on of areas to restore electricity.

Nel said it will take a few hours to turn on all the affected areas to decrease the chances of the system tripping.

“I am pleased to report we remain on track for energising the system after overcoming the challenges with regards to cable repairs. There was a challenge with repair work during the night but that has been attended to. There are 16 joints for cable repairs, with nine teams working on them and they are on track for energising the system,” he said.

Parts of Pretoria East have been without power after the Wapadrand substation caught alight at about 8.45pm on Saturday. According to the city, a small portion of the substation controls system caught alight.

Nel has urged all residents to switch off all high energy appliances to avoid tripping.

“I want to seriously emphasise again the need for all residents to switch off all high-energy appliances to prevent further trips as we re-energise the system. Please only switch them on once you have confirmed the supply to your area has stabilised. Leave your lights on and after 20 to 30 minutes of the lights staying on, you can turn on your appliances.

“Please take this warning seriously. With the cold weather and the likely high pressure on the network due to heaters and geysers being used, if residents don’t switch off their high-energy appliances, the network may trip causing a further, and unnecessary, power outage.

“Despite these notices earlier in the week, we had trips in areas we energised as this warning was not adhered to. I urge residents to work together to avoid this happening.”

He said he will be on-site this afternoon and will provide an update later this afternoon or early evening.