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Income for tourism accommodation industry up from last year: Stats SA

Income for tourism accommodation industry up from last year: Stats SA

Measured in current prices, the total income for the tourist accommodation industry increased by 121.8% in July 2021 compared with July 2020.

This was one of the key findings in the Tourist Accommodation Survey for July 2021 released by Stats SA on Monday.

The survey is released monthly and covers a sample of tax-registered public and private enterprises involved in the short-stay accommodation industry in SA. It covers:

  • hotels, motels, boatels and inns;
  • caravan parks and camping sites;
  • guest houses and guest farms; and
  • “other” accommodation.

Stats SA said income from accommodation increased by 237.3% year-on-year in July 2021.

This was the result of a 226.8% increase in the number of stay unit nights sold and a 3.2% increase in the average income per stay unit night sold.

In July 2021, all accommodation types recorded large positive year-on-year growth in income from accommodation.

The largest year-on-year increase in income from accommodation was reported by caravan parks and camping sites (2,987.5%) and contributing 13 percentage points.

Income from accommodation increased by 589.0% in the three months ended July 2021 compared with the three months ended July 2020.

Stats SA said the main contributors to this increase were hotels (457.3%) and “other” accommodation (682.6%). Other accommodation includes lodges, bed-and-breakfast establishments, self-catering establishments and “other” establishments not elsewhere classified.

Seasonally adjusted income from accommodation decreased by 36.8% month-on-month in July 2021. The largest negative month-on-month growth rates were recorded for guest houses and guest farms (-61.6%), hotels (-42.2%) and “other” accommodation (-29.6%).