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HenryG parts ways with Cloud9 as the Colossus falls

HenryG parts ways with Cloud9 as the Colossus falls

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Late last month it was announced that Cloud9 have put their CS:GO division on hold. The organization placed all the current players on the bench and left the scene for now. There is an intention to return after the COVID-19 pandemic. For those who don't know, the Cloud9 Colossus roster had some dismal performances and definitely didn't live up to the hype built by Henry "HenryG" Greer revealing some high player salaries and contracts.

Extra Salt, who has three players (including two from South Africa) from the old Cloud9 roster before the Colossus, even managed to surpass the superteam in the World Rankings recently. Now, the final piece of the Colossus has fallen, as the General Manager of the Cloud9 CS:GO division, has parted ways with the organization.

HenryG leaves Cloud9

HenryG joined Cloud9 back in September 2020, with his main responsibility as General Manager of the CS:GO division being to create the ambitious Colossus European CS:GO roster.

Several issues quickly became apparent, with coach Kassad leaving, and Woxic being released due to high ping as well as a "compromising time zone". Other struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic such as not being able to get all their players in one place, led to Cloud9 putting their CS:GO division on hold.

This week, HenryG took to Twitter to announce he has parted ways with Cloud9. This is the final domino to fall, as we can now safely say the Colossus is no more.

HenryG announces:

"Today's the day that Cloud9 and myself will be parting ways. Thanks to Jack Etienne for the opportunity and the players for their hard work and time. It's truly a shame how things panned out with a lot of mitigating circumstances but plenty of positive memories, too.

While the space is in this strange transition period I have decided to take a sabbatical and enjoy some of the normality that life has to offer. It's certainly been a while. I will be back eventually when the right opportunity arises. Be good to each other."

Cloud9's Colossus roster struggled to gain any momentum or post significant results since its formation. Therefore, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that HenryG has now also parted ways with the organization.