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'Don't howl' - Tito Mboweni weighs in on unrest and looting

'Don't howl' - Tito Mboweni weighs in on unrest and looting

Finance minister Tito Mboweni has weighed in on the unrest and looting in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

The minister took to social media on Thursday, saying people should not “howl”.

“Depending on which theoretical framework you come from, you have to problematise the following; a huge influx into urban and peri-urban centres, depopulation of the countryside, reimagining contemporary urbanisation, agriculture, and the food economy,” Mboweni said.

He said the challenge of “forced” versus “organic” urbanisation was gigantic.

“When the original purpose was to ensure a large supply of cheap labour, boxed in labour reservoirs (townships) evolved into a large army of the working people and the lumpen proletariat. The issues are heavy,” said Mboweni.

Mboweni’s statement drew mixed reactions on social media.

While some applauded him for speaking out, others asked what the department of agriculture, land reform and rural development was doing to stop the influx of people into urban areas.

Here is a snapshot of what many had to say:

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