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Call for restrictions amid fears of Covid-19 third wave

Call for restrictions amid fears of Covid-19 third wave

The ministerial advisory committee on Covid-19 has called for stricter restrictions on people coming into SA as the number of positive cases increase, sparking fears of a third wave and new variants.

Prof Koleka Mlisana, the chairperson of the ministerial advisory council, told Sowetan yesterday that it had already called for the tightening of regulations for people entering SA.

“From the council’s perspective, we were proposing further restrictions. Whether those are being implemented or not, I would not be able to say. There is an advisory that we have forwarded to the minister [in this regard].

“The advisory is looking at the current scene of variants across the globe and what they mean. We are then saying there obviously has to be stricter restrictions to whoever is coming to the country, specifically from certain countries. We are looking at countries that have high rates of transmission,” Mlisana said.

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