Zuma condemns ANC top 6 for 'leaving him to dry'

Zuma condemns ANC top 6 for 'leaving him to dry'

JOHANNESBURG - It’s emerged that former president Jacob Zuma told the ANC top six officials he’s been “left dry”, without much needed support from the structure and the party.

This is among many claims and explanations contained in edited notes from a meeting held with the officials including President Cyril Ramaphosa last month.

The meeting was held following Zuma’s refusal to comply with the Constitutional Court’s order that he appear and answer questions at the State Capture Inquiry.

These notes were released under the former president’s letterhead on social media overnight.

They reveal that Zuma told the ANC’s top six officials he thought the meeting happened too late and was not due to their concerns about his wellbeing, but rather “a response to external interests and pressure”.

The meeting was arranged after a series of visits to his Nkandla home by several high-profile individuals including leaders of the eff.

Zuma also decried what he said was a difficulty in meeting with Ramaphosa but said he had no “difficulty” meeting with the officials.

He also extensively explained his belief that he’s been under attack for years, claiming that the ANC and his “comrades” either looked the other way or jumped on the bandwagon to “strip him naked” in the eyes of the public.

Zuma has been at the centre of a drawn-out battle with the Zondo commission over his refusal to give his side of the state capture story.

The former president claims there’s a pre-conceived conclusion that he’s guilty.

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