'This freedom is not free': Malema questions why SA celebrates Freedom Day

'This freedom is not free': Malema questions why SA celebrates Freedom Day

JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has questioned why the country continues to celebrate Freedom Day when the majority of its citizens are dis-enfranchised and struggling with unemployment, inequality and poverty.

Speaking at the party’s Freedom Day rally in Atteridgeville, in Tshwane, on Tuesday he asked those in attendance how they can describe themselves as free without economic power.

The EFF rose to power on the ideal of pursuing economic freedom for all South Africans – more so land ownership among black people who were stripped of all belongings by white people during colonisation and apartheid.

“They own the economy, they still own the land, they control our movement – this freedom is not free. How can it be free without economic power, when our people are dying nd the sick continue to sleep without food.”

Malema said some preferred that they lied about the reality of the country 27 years post the democratic dispensation.

“Leave us with out truth, we will die with out truth because truth is liberation and we’re not going to lie because we want you to vote for us.”


Malema claims President Cyril Ramaphosa is a spy for white people and represents their interests.

He said the EFF was not shocked by what he described as the African National Congress (ANC)’s backtracking from the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for the appropriation of land without compensation, because the governing party was infiltrated by “spies” a long time ago.

“Even the ANC had sellouts inside. Some of them didn’t have to have a number as spies.”

He, however, vehemently defended the EFF’s position on land - saying they would not vote with the ANC in Parliament should the constitutional amendment not be conducted how they see fit.

“We will not vote with them, but we will not stop fighting for the amendment of Section 25 to allow expropriation of land without compensation. What is freedom without land?”

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