Role of courts in land expropriation matters will remain, says ANC in Parly

Role of courts in land expropriation matters will remain, says ANC in Parly

CAPE TOWN - The African National Congress (ANC) in Parliament has on Friday assured South Africans that the role of courts will not be removed from the land expropriation without compensation process.

The party has been trying to allay fears about the courts being removed in cases involving land expropriation.

Mathole Motshekga, who chairs the ad hoc committee established to amend legislation to make land expropriation without compensation explicit, has also called on the process to be concluded after three years of debate.

The ad hoc committee still doesn’t see eye-to-eye on a number of matters, including the state custodianship of nationalisation of land.

While the ANC wants a hybrid ownership model, the Economic Freedom Fighters wants state control.

Motshekga has also assured members that the role of the courts will not be removed from the process as previously feared.

“The question of the court has also been exhausted because we are saying we are not ousting the jurisdiction of the courts, but the courts retain their responsibility to come into play where there is a dispute. But the responsibility of expropriation is the terrain of the executive.”

Parties from all sides continue to disagree with each other on the proposed amendment with the Democratic Alliance (DA) calling on Cabinet to intervene in a desperate attempt to stop the process.

DA MP Dr Annelie Lotriet is requesting that they publicly reject the ongoing parliamentary process to pass the 18th Constitution Amendment Bill to amend Section 25.

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