Ndlozi ruffles feathers again with his latest comment about Mandela's legacy

Ndlozi ruffles feathers again with his latest comment about Mandela's legacy

EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has again come under fire on social media, after ruffling feathers with his latest comments on Nelson Mandela's legacy.

While SA took part in 67 minutes of activism on Sunday to commemorate the late former president's birthday, Ndlozi reflected on what Mandela's legacy meant.

“The name of Mandela has since been drained of all its political sharpness! One can’t say Mandela any more at the face of anti-black racism and a racist either collapses or runs away. Under the shadow of this name racism has found comfort — it knows it will be negotiated with,” said Ndlozi.

He said Mandela's name was also “used for apolitical ends like motivational talks and to lie about racial unity”.

“No other name has become so disempowering for the African political project against racism than the name of Mandela,” he added.

This is not the first time Ndlozi has taken to social media to question Mandela's legacy.

Earlier this year, he went on a tirade about Mandela on the 31st anniversary of his release from prison.

He said the only thing many people can point at is that Mandela was the first black president, and the only thing nationalised was his face on SA's coins and banknotes.

“Other than that, there’s nothing to show for our freedom. Black people remain landless — 27 years after Mandela’s democracy.”

Late last year, Ndlozi said Mandela wasted 27 years that “resulted in an empty reconciliation deal”.

“I think the truly wasted years are the 27 years that resulted in an empty reconciliation deal. In Mandela’s memory, blacks are silenced in the false hope to appeal to the morality of whites. It will be 27 years next, that morality is nowhere,” Ndlozi said.

His latest statement drew mixed reactions, with many saying Ndlozi was trying to find flaws in Mandela's legacy and that he should stop the “unnecessary hate on the dead”.

Here is a snapshot of some of the reactions: