ANC pledges to tackle water, sanitation issues in municipalities

ANC pledges to tackle water, sanitation issues in municipalities

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC) on Monday launched its manifesto for the 1 November local government elections.

Party leader Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledged the many challenges the party faced at the municipal level, saying that the quality of services like water, electricity and sanitation in many municipalities did not meet the standard that residents needed and expected.

Ramaphosa said that South Africans wanted simple things such as water, electricity, sanitation and refuse removal and for burst water pipes and overflowing sewerage pipes to be fixed on time.

He promised that ANC-run municipalities would maintain and develop sewerage infrastructure and drastically reduce water leaks, rehabilitate water pump stations and wastewater equipment and improve reticulation and ensure that all poor households received the free water allocations that they were entitled to.

In addition, he pledged that there would be an increase the number of skilled personnel like engineers, process controllers and shift workers to maintain water, sanitation, and road infrastructure while their would be an increase in the local production of components used in tackling the water and sanitation backlog to expand employment.