Affordable city living for students

Affordable city living for students

Apodment living could be the answer to affordable student digs in the CBD, writes Marchelle Abrahams.

You've just matriculated with excellent marks, been accepted into one of the top tertiary institutions in the country, and now your the next phase of your journey begins.

Even though the taste of freedom is as sweet as being on your own and away from your parents’ prying eyes, there’s just one thing you forgot. It’s called adulting, and it costs money - lots of it.

Living off campus is a luxury for most because of the costs involved in city living. And if you do happen to find sufficient student digs, chances are your flatmates will be an infestation of rodents that’s taken up residence under your floorboards.

In 2016 Cape Town’s CBD had over 40 educational institutions serving over 9 000 full-time and 3 500 part-time learners, according to the CCID.

“Private student accommodation is a growing property opportunity in SA with over 30 000 students currently living in the city centre,” says Emily Whitefield - CEO of StudentAtHome and ExecAtHome.

It’s a sign that students, now more than ever, are choosing to stay off campus because of the advantages that urban living offers such as shopping, vibrant nightlife and immersive cultural events.

Whitefield and her team of property developers are taking the concept of micro apartments, also known as apodments, with the introduction of their newest venture called 106 Adderley. The international trend is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, Japan and the US, and is now taking root in SA.

What they’ve done is transform the space into affordable living for students (StudentAtHome) and young professionals (ExecAtHome), in the heart of the Mother City.

“Comfort is important for all tenants and we pride ourselves on a level of comfort to suit all the guests’ needs, hence bridging the gap between being at home and the big wide world,” explained Whitefield.

All the apartments are fully stocked with all mod-cons, including bed, desk, cupboard, TV and a fully functional kitchen.

106 Adderley may be prime property, but the aim of the development is to make their apartments affordable for students. There are 5 accomodation types  (from studio apartments to single rooms) to choose from, depending on your budget with monthly rentals starting from R6 000 per person to R7 750.

The premises is also monitored by 24-hour CCTV cameras as well as security guards, DSTV and serviced with a fibre line.

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