FREE TO READ | The New Normal: Business Unusual

FREE TO READ | The New Normal: Business Unusual

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down and has caused devastation. Every aspect of our lives has changed.

In this issue of The New Normal we talk to CEOs and business specialists, who tell us that Covid-19 has spurred on the adoption of4IR technology across all industries, highlighted the need for more customer-centric business models, and reiterated why succession planning and future-proofing businesses across investment risks, leadership, staff and customer retention is key.

Read about the lessons that businesses have learnt that will benefit them beyond the pandemic, why business strategy needs to be emergent and evolving continuously, and learn what the office of the future will look like.

The pandemic has also enabled broad acceptance of emerging customer communication trends, changed customer spending habits and boosted the growth of e-commerce, while digitally-enabled platform business models are positioned as the future of business.


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