Mzansi reminisces over popular chat app Mxit

Mzansi reminisces over popular chat app Mxit
JOHANNESBURG - South Africa threw back their Thursday this week by reminiscing about the good old days on the popular chatting application, Mxit. 

The hashtag Mxit trended all throughout Thursday on the social media website, Twitter. 

Mxit was a heavily used chatting app that was used during the 2000's, however, the company announced its closure in October 2015 as it succumbed to its competition such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook and the other social giants of the world. 

Take a look at how South Africans commemorated the app on Twitter today: 

Users even gave shout outs to the phones of yester-year by remembering the devices they used to chat on their beloved Mxit: 

Some hoped that the app had returned: