WATCH: Cape Town Sevens brings an electric experience to city

WATCH: Cape Town Sevens brings an electric experience to city
Rugby lovers and supporters of the popular sevens Rugby tournament gather at the Cape Town Stadium, where the three day tornament is taking place. This year they have included women in the tournament. Picture: Phando Jikelo / African News Agency (ANA)

Cape Town - It's an electric time for many Capetonains who came out to have fun and enjoy the rugby at the Cape Town Sevens. 

The three-day long rugby tournament saw thousands of rugby fans fill up Cape Town Stadium dressed in a variety of eccentric, quirky and funny outfits.

Despite the inconsistent weather, it didn't deter many who wanted to see some of the best teams in the world in action. 

Those in attendance were not only treated to enthralling rugby but also some great local acts such as Biggie, who performed his hit 'Dames', and Early B who kept the crowd dancing. 

One couple at the event, Jacobus Smit and Lauren Frantz. said that one of the enjoyable experiences of the tournament was not only the rugby but the vibe.

"It's amazing, it's a good vibe, and there is a lot going on. It's very lively, the vibe doesn't fade," said Smit. 

Frantz added: "And also the people's outfits... Especially the people who dressed up to make fun of Eskom."



Another attendee, Tamlyn Hendricks said: "It is so much fun! It is my first time at the Sevens and the vibe is so great I would suggest everyone do it even if you don't truly understand the sport - like me.

"All the gees and watching the women play too is so amazing."

Chelsea Tobias said that the energy in the stadium was really high that it was hard to not feel excited with everyone. 

"I love all the green and gold jerseys and colourful South African flags being waved, all the kids in the stadium that are really excited to get autographs from the rugby players as they exit the field," Tobias said. 

"... And that they've included a women's league as well as I've never seen women playing rugby before. It was really exciting seeing women playing a game that has been exclusively played by men in the past.

"Overall the vibe at the Sevens this year has been awesome and I never regret attending," Tobias said.





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