SA Players Union hosts 'out of contract' training camp in Pretoria

SA Players Union hosts 'out of contract' training camp in Pretoria

The South African Football Players Union (Safpu) is hosting a 14 day training camp in Pretoria for 25 players who are ‘out of contract’ to help them with fitness and to look for new clubs.

The camp will be in Hatfield next to University of Pretoria between 12 and 26 September and Sapfu said they will be coached by accredited coaches‚ helped in negotiations for new contracts and on issues of mental health.

“The words ‘out of contract’ to any footballer is not words of comfort. Not knowing if you'll be scooped up by another club or what the future holds is daunting‚ couple that with the effects of Covid-19 and the situation can be described as dire‚” said Sapfu in a statement.

“The South African Football Players Union wants to be the change by unlocking hope through the 2020 edition of the ‘Out of Contract’ Players Training Camp‚ giving players the platform to reach their fitness level‚ be coached by the accredited coaching staff.

They will be guided on future moves when joining a new club‚ mental health issues through our partners Lifeline as well as player-related matters. The 14 days will be more than just a training camp.”

“There will be friendly games played with a few PSL and GladAfrica teams. Scouts‚ coaches as well as media are welcome I am sure we will agree on the immense talent pool that we have in football in South Africa.

We hope we do these players justice. We want to inspire‚ motivate and offer a space where ‘out of contract’ players can believe in themselves again. This is our hope‚” said Safpu secretary general Nhlanhla Shabalala.

Safpu went onto give assurances that all the players will be tested for the Covid-19 and screened daily with social distancing and sanitizing protocols adhered to because the country is still on level two of the lockdown.

“We have hosted other camps of this nature before and they were a great success and we look forward to hosting our first ever camp with the women footballers very soon.

"Safpu exists to defend the rights of footballers and this does not mean only those who are in contract. We want to uplift all male and female footballers in South Africa‚” said Safpu president Thulaganyo Gaoshubelwe.