Rev up your sports car for #footdownfriday

Rev up your sports car for #footdownfriday

If you own a sports car, or a car with a loud exhaust (if only because it has a hole in it, we won’t tell), Daytona is calling on you to rev your engine and take part in some vrr-phaa! at 12 noon on Friday April 3.

The Johannesburg-based importer of supercar brands including Aston Martin, McLaren and Pagani feels things are getting a little too quiet out there during lockdown, and that cars have been sitting lonely in driveways for too long. So it’s inviting petrol heads all around the country to fire up their sports cars at exactly 12 noon on Friday, and get revving as part of #footdownfriday.

It’s a bit of lighthearted relief but also supports a cause in that it calls for engines to be revved in recognition of health workers, SAPS, SANDF and all essential service providers who are giving their all during the Covid-19 pandemic. Participants are invited to contribute to the Solidarity Response Fund on

Daytona calls on participants to take videos of themselves starting their supercars and giving them a bit of a rev, and posting it on their social media platforms accompanied by the #footdownfriday hashtag. The best videos will be reposted on Daytona’s social platforms to keep the spirit going in its supercar family.

Aston Martin DB11.