Mokoena jumps for recognition of local coaches

Mokoena jumps for recognition of local coaches

JOHANNESBURG – Olympic long jump silver medallist Khotso Mokoena hopes the newly launched Professional Body for Sports Coaching South Africa (PSCSA) will bring respect to the profession.

The idea behind the PSCSA is to formalise coaching structures in the country and it will run independently of Sascoc, although the Olympic body is behind the initiative.

The body which is recognised by the SA Qualifications Authority, will aim to facilitate the professional development and enhancement of sports coaching.

Mokoena, who is a member of the interim board, said he did not appreciate his former coach Elna de Beer’s abilities when he left her.

“I thought my coach was just a school teacher, I didn’t know she was a qualified coach and I thought maybe an overseas coach can take me to the next level,” Mokoena said.

“I left my coach because I didn’t know much and over the last decade I’ve seen athletes and sports teams leaving their coaches thinking the grass is greener on the other side until they get a kick in the face. We are tired of seeing our coaches not being recognised.” 

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