Modise rejects ATM call of secret ballot vote in Ramaphosa no-confidence motion

Modise rejects ATM call of secret ballot vote in Ramaphosa no-confidence motion

CAPE TOWN - National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise on Thursday turned down a request by the African Transformation Movement (ATM) party for voting on its motion of no confidence in President Cyril Ramaphosa to be by secret ballot.

Ramaphosa will face the first motion of no confidence in his leadership in the National Assembly next Thursday.

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The bid by the ATM, which has only two members of Parliament, is unlikely to succeed but will give an opportunity to the president’s detractors to vent their opinion.

Modise ruled out a secret ballot for next week’s voting, after finding that the ATM had offered no evidence that there was any reason to do so such as the intimidation of MPs.

In a statement, Parliament noted that the Constitutional Court had previously indicated that a secret ballot would only become necessary in a highly charged or toxic atmosphere.

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The no-confidence motion will therefore be debated during a hybrid sitting of the House and voted on by open ballot, which means there will be a public record of how each MP has cast their vote.

The ATM has cited at least 15 reasons why Ramaphosa isn’t fit to lead, ranging from his failure to identify the funders of his African National Congress presidential campaign (which the president says is not in his power to do) to his alleged failure to secure the country’s borders and halt the entry of undocumented migrants.

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