CS: GO is the second esport to surpass the $100m total prize money milestone

CS: GO is the second esport to surpass the $100m total prize money milestone

It is no secret that Dota 2 has, by far, the biggest combined prize money from all tournaments, largely thanks to The International. Now, CS: GO has become the second esports title ever to reach the combined total prize money milestone of $100m.

CS: GO's prize money milestone

As of September 14 2020, the combined total prize money of CS: GO sits at $100,877,738.95 from a whopping 5,188 tournaments. This is according to research data analysed and published by At the current dollar to rand exchange rate, that's nearly R1.7bn.  

The report explains how CS: GO is the second esports title ever to achieve such a feat, while Dota 2 is still obviously the king of total prize money, with a mind-blowing $226,780,152 across 1,415 tournaments. Clearly, the reason why CS: GO managed to surpass the $100m mark has to do with its high number of tournaments.  

The largest-ever prize pool for a CS: GO tournament is only $1.6m (WESG 2016), and we should have seen a bigger one take place this year in ESL One Rio Major, but this tournament has been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. According to the report, Fortnite is close to breaking that $100m milestone as well.

The report explains:

“Epic Games’ Fortnite was third on the list, with the total prizes awarded amounting to $95.47m across 610 tournaments. League of Legends took fourth place with $78.6m awarded across 2,465 tournaments. StarCraft II sat at a distant fifth spot with a total of $33.5m awarded across 5,891 tournaments.”  

Interestingly enough, StarCraft II has seen 600 more tournaments take place than CS: GO. The scene is still going strong, especially in South Korea but the prize pools aren't massive.

While we should always take these types of stats with a grain of salt, it is interesting to learn just how big the top esports titles have become, and how much prize money organisers have awarded players over the years.

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