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Whoonga addicts rob student in Durban CBD

Whoonga addicts rob student in Durban CBD

Durban - Two private security guards came to the aid of a college student who was robbed of his possessions by whoonga addicts along Anton Lembede (Smith) Street on Thursday. 

The area surrounding the train lines between Dr Pixley KaSeme (West) and Anton Lembede (Smith) Street is considered by police as the most dangerous zone in the Durban CBD because of the high number of whoonga addicts who live in and frequent the area. 

Students attending the nearby colleges have been targeted by the addicts who move in their numbers. 

Dhevan Govindasamy, of PT Alarms private security, said they were on patrol through the Durban CBD when they witnessed the robbery take place. 

"The young man was being attacked by whoonga addicts. The youngster called out for help and immediately the members pulled over and rushed to his aid. The addicts noticed PT members approaching and made a quick get away towards the Xin Hua China Mall building.  

"Luckily the young man was not harmed but was in a state of shock. He was very grateful for the assistance rendered by the PT tactical unit members. His study material, an expensive Nike bag and a laptop was recovered by the members," Govindasamy said.