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WATCH | Illegal beachgoers make a run for it from law-enforcement officials

WATCH | Illegal beachgoers make a run for it from law-enforcement officials

eThekwini municipality has issued a stern warning to residents that they face the full might of the law if they continue to flock to the city's beaches during lockdown.

This comes after a video of beachgoers scurrying away from law-enforcement officials with their possessions, including surf boards and picnic ware, went viral on Monday.

It is understood  the incident took place at a beach north of Durban.

Municipal spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela did not specify whether arrests were made, and did not identify the beach.

He told TimesLIVE: “We can confirm at one of our beaches we had an incident where people flocked there, which is very embarrassing.

“Messages are out there, whether in print or on broadcast media, that we are still under lockdown, and as a result we need to ensure we respect the regulations.”

Mayisela said the regulations were not aimed at frustrating people.

“Government is trying its best to ensure we are safe from the coronavirus. We must be mindful that government is not going to win this war alone. It requires that all citizens play our part.

“People must not disregard the regulations. Beaches are not open. The only thing allowed is for you to go and walk.

“For groups to go to the beach, spend time and sit, is not allowed because that is a recipe for disaster,” he said.

He said law enforcement would go all out to ensure nobody flouts lockdown regulations.

“People must be warned that we are not going to take any chances.”

Mayisela said the city was appealing to the public to work with the authorities.

“We must work together. We can't have people going to beaches as if circumstances are normal.”