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WATCH: Brave Westville cop takes on robbers in daring shoot-out

WATCH: Brave Westville cop takes on robbers in daring shoot-out

Durban - A policeman has been captured on cellphone camera footage taking on a gang of robbers in a daring shoot-out in Westville on Thursday.

The footage shows the officer firing off several rounds at the gang before he comes under fire and is forced to take cover.

During the shootout a robber was shot dead and several of his accomplice are still on the run after a shoot-out with police on Jan Hofmeyer Road outside the Westville Village Market mall, just after 8:30 am.  

The alleged robbers entered the parking lot and tried to rob the nearby Post Office, police sources said.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that they were allegedly waiting for a Cash In Transit van to arrive. 

It is alleged it was possibly pension pay out money that was being delivered.

It is alleged that police had been alerted and upon their arrival, a shootout ensued with the robbers.

In the intense gunfire, a police vehicle was left riddled with bullets.

Rescue Care Paramedics spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said one person, believed to be one of the robbers, died at the scene. 

His body was sprawled, near the bullet riddled police van, on David McLean Road where the exit to the parking lot is situated. 

Spent bullet cartridges were also found on the BP garage overlooking the mall parking lot. 

Staff at the garage said they ducked for cover. 

Several businesses were still closed at the time. 

The remainder of the gang fled in a double cab bakkie along Rodger Sishi Road towards Pinetown.

Westville police were on the scene as police crime scene experts probed the area for clues.

A bystander's car across the road in a parking lot of a restaurant was also struck by a stray bullet. 

A video recorded by a bystander showed the police officer seated on the floor in a grass verge while the sound of gunshots rang out. 

During the intense shooting dust around the police officer was kicked up probably by bullets from the robbers. 

The brave officer then shoots back several times as the bakkie with the alleged suspects inside speeds pass him. A volley of shots can be heard as the bakkie speeds off. 

The attempted robbery comes a day after a Blue Security armed response officer was caught up in a shootout with armed robbers after he disturbed them while they were in the process of robbing a shopping centre on Wednesday. 

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the gang of armed robbers arrived in a white VW Polo and while loading good into a vehicle after breaking into a shop shot at a responding security officer.

"Our officer returned fire. The robbers then turned and fled the scene in their getaway vehicle. Fortunately, he was not injured during the shootout. Police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter,” Mathios said.