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WATCH: All the best 'Hugo, bel die polisie' memes

WATCH: All the best 'Hugo, bel die polisie' memes

Cape Town - It was the fight that had South Africa talking this week, and which left many with the phrase, "Hugo, bel die polisie!" stuck in their head.

The viral video begins with two groups of people arguing outside a house with some trying to get away in a car. The arguing quickly descends into physical violence with hair pulling, fist fighting and screaming.

The aggressive altercation was all recorded on video by a neighbour across the street, who now infamously, screamed: "Hugo, bel die polisie!" (Hugo, call the police!).

It remains unclear where the incident occurred but many on social media have suggested that the fight took place in Gauteng.

While violence is no laughing matter, South Africans across social media have resorted to dealing with such instances in the only they know how - with memes. Numerous video clips have been made with the original audio being used in creative ways. 

Others have also just used it as a source of inspiration for crafting unique memes.

Hugo for men? from r/southafrica
I only wear Hugo from r/southafrica
Huis te huur MEME from r/southafrica
Step up 4 MEME from r/southafrica
Hugo, bel die polisie MEME from r/southafrica

And if you're looking for a new ringtone, or alarm sound, there is a song for your 'Hugo, bel die polisie!' needs:

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