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Volvo uses in-car wi-fi in fight against coronavirus

Volvo uses in-car wi-fi in fight against coronavirus

Wireless technology in cars has been in use for years now and it enhances car ownership experiences through a series of remote services.

Many premium brand cars are equipped with a number of convenience features that use wireless frequencies to access applications of a number of remote services. They can also sync with a smartphone to tap into the never-ending world of apps. BMW has ConnectedDrive and Mercedes-Benz has Mercedes Me.  

The same wi-fi technology is now being used in the fight against the coronavirus. As car dealers operate by limiting social contact, in-car wi-fi technology is also contributing by allowing owners to remotely diagnose a car from anywhere.

Volvo has a “Book service and repair” service function. This functionality provides a convenient way to send a booking request for service and workshop visits. Car diagnostic information is then sent to the dealer, who can prepare your workshop visit and respond with a booking proposal. 

The system can even remind you when an appointment time is approaching and initiate the navigation system to guide you to the workshop.

“Few South Africans may be aware that they are able to book a service or repair using their car,” says Charmagne Mavudzi, head of marketing and communication for Volvo Car SA. “It's a service capability that a smart car offers, and which I think more South Africans will start to turn to as they try to limit contact with others as much as possible,” Mavudzi points out.

Furthermore, Volvo is amplifying the use of built-in smart car tech. Dealership diagnostic Wi-Fi will be used by personal service technicians (PSTs) who can remotely and simultaneously diagnose five cars while they are parked outside to establish which vehicle requires what work, or if it’s necessary to enter the workshop, all in the name of pushing back against the spread of Covid-19.