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Picky thieves steal 30 high-priced beds from Durban store

Picky thieves steal 30 high-priced beds from Durban store
Durban - Thieves were wide awake when they stole more than 30 bed-and-base sets from the Bed Factory Warehouse on the corner of Che Guevara (Moore) and Sydney roads early on Friday.

Owner Leon Brits said the alarm at the premises had gone off at 3.45am and the contracted security company had checked the perimeter of the shop, finding that all seemed to be in order.

“When my brother went in at 8am he discovered the burglary,” Brits said. “They had used a bolt cutter on the locks of a roller shutter door used for deliveries at the rear of the shop, and entered that way. They then disabled the security keypad and passives (detector system). They were probably in there while the security company was checking.“The roller shutter was only lifted up enough to slide a bed underneath, so that all looked okay from the street.

“They then broke off one of the cement (strips) from the palisade fence and obviously slipped the beds through this.

“They must have come with a truck or something because they took over 30 beds.” All of the beds taken were double or queen high-end products, including of the brands MJ Bedding, Furn Bedding and Malan Beds.

Brits valued the stolen goods at about R80000. “They took none of the cheap stuff. In 10 years here we’ve had a few break-ins, but it’s normally just a computer or something.” The thieves also stole the digital video recorder of the security cameras.

“They knew it was recording,” said Brits.

Independent on Saturday