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I have sacrificed more than you'll ever know, says Celeste Nurse

I have sacrificed more than you'll ever know, says Celeste Nurse

Celeste Nurse says she is heartbroken over the book her stolen daughter Zephany Nurse, aka Miché Solomon, has written.

Celeste, 39, tells the Daily Voice: “I’m extremely distraught and the hurt is unbearable. Staying on my knees, this too shall pass.

“I serve a miracle-working God and He knows my heartache. Thank you very much for your prayers and God bless.”

The mother of four also took to Facebook on Friday, posting a broken heart emoji, with the words: “I’ve lost more sleep, cried more tears, sacrificed more than you’ll ever know, because of you. Yes actually, I do know I’m not perfect. When you’re upset, it breaks my heart, I wish I could cry all your tears for you. I’ve never for a single moment been anything less than deeply thankful for the gift of you.”

Among others, Miché writes in her book - titled Zephany, Two Mothers, One Daughter - that the relationship between her and the Nurses have broken down, that she found Celeste to be childish and unreliable, and that Morné was “a lost cause” and only out to make money from their heartbreaking story.

Miché said the reasons for this breakdown were “brutal”, citing a scandal during her matric ball, and the Nurses wanting to write a book with her, among others.

Author Joanne Jowell said she tried to speak to the Nurses, as well as Miché’s younger sister, Cassidy Nurse, who was the catalyst in finding her, but they refused.

“Unfortunately, it was incredibly difficult to get through to the Nurses,” Joanne said.

“They declined to be involved with the book...we tried hard, but when I realised it was an outright ‘no’, I came to appreciate the fact that this was and is Miché’s story; wholly, completely and entirely.”

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