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'I am tired of being scared': KFM presenters speak out against GBV

'I am tired of being scared': KFM presenters speak out against GBV

Cape Town - The K in KFM has been turned into a floral explosion. 

Female hosts at the radio station used the opportunity to celebrate a renewal of the season but also to loudly raise their voices against the tsunami of violence against women. 

The presenters teamed up with renowned flower fundi, Alwijn Burger from BLOMBOY to proudly wear their flower crowns as a symbol of their combined femininity. 

"You can look beautiful and still fight for a cause. We are uniting and we are showing our lives will continue," said Zoe Brown. 

"We are sick and tired. This is not the time for #notallmenaretrash.  I am tired of being scared but I am also grateful to be alive. The worst thing for men is that they can be called trash. My sisters are being raped and murdered. They are dying with their hands up and legs open," said Sherlin Barends. 

Barends admitted that while it has been a difficult tine for women, she stressed that men need to be part of the solution. 

"Today we are comforting each other. We are angry, frustrated and there is a great sense of hopelessness. I think this past week, men have realised that they are the problem but they are also a part of the solution. Men should keep each other accountable. In your homes and at work," said Sibz Mafu. 

"This has been a heartbreaking Women's Month. I have been affected emotionally and mentally. We must not wallow in our anger and pain. Men need to acknowledge what we endure. Our experiences are real. We are tired of explaining our humanity. Men need to unlearn this systemic behaviour, " said Mamohau Seseane. 

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