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Ford gives its Ranger bakkie the bulletproof treatment

Ford gives its Ranger bakkie the bulletproof treatment

Ford on Thursday announced that it is now offering customers the option of ordering new Ranger bakkies with armour protection - a first for any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in SA. To make this possible Ford has partnered with local vehicle armouring specialists, SVI Engineering - a company with 17 years' industry experience. 

Two levels of armoured protection are on offer across all Ranger models, powertrains and derivatives. The first is the B4 armoured specification that offers occupants protection against hand-thrown projectiles such as bricks and handgun calibres up to a .44 Magnum. B4 protection consists of 18-21mm armoured glass in combination with Kevlar sheets for the body. It is extremely discreet and, at only 280kg on the Ranger Double Cab, also relatively lightweight, with minimal impact on vehicle acceleration, fuel consumption and dynamic performance. The build time of a B4 armoured Ranger is about eight weeks.

Those seeking extra peace of mind can opt for the flagship B6 armoured specification that offers the highest level of civilian protection allowed without a special permit. When fitted, Ford claims that it can shrug off ammunition fired from an R1 assault rifle or AK47. This is achieved via the fitting of 38mm armoured glass and special armoured steel plates. Due to the additional 650kg of armour, the Ranger’s suspension is upgraded accordingly. 

When it comes to installing the B6 armour protection package, customers have the option of choosing between a discreet appearance or the cost-effective non-discreet option, called Stopgun V2.0. The former features upgrades not easily identifiable on the vehicle, versus the more obvious protection on the Stopgun option. The discreet option takes 12 weeks to build, while the Stopgun security option can be installed in just two weeks.

By responding to customer feedback, the B4 option is available only in the discreet appearance form, which caters mainly for those individuals who want a level of armoured protection without compromising the interior and exterior aesthetics of their vehicle.

Pricing for the new Ford-approved armour protection packages is as follows: 

Ford Ranger Single Cab:

B4 discreet: R338,386

B6 discreet: R527,990

B6 Stopgun V2.0 non-discreet: R234,413

Ford Ranger Super Cab:

B4 discreet: R454,371

B6 discreet: R688,225

B6 Stopgun V2.0 non-discreet: R271,163

Ford Ranger Double Cab:

B4 discreet: R454,371

B6 discreet: R688,225

B6 Stopgun V2.0 non-discreet: R335,202

All armour package components are covered by a one-year/50,000km warranty.