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DA's call for urgent Eskom meeting 'has fallen on deaf ears'

DA's call for urgent Eskom meeting 'has fallen on deaf ears'

JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Alliance on Sunday lambasted Parliament's public enterprises committee chairman Khaya Magaxa for rejecting the DA's request for the committee to return from their holiday early to have an urgent discussion about ongoing issues at Eskom.

The request "has fallen on deaf ears, despite the ever-worsening situation at the embattled power utility", DA shadow minister of public enterprises Ghaleb Cachalia said in a statement.

"In our letter to the chairperson of the portfolio committee we argued that the unfolding situation at Eskom requires the urgent attention of the portfolio committee and requested the chairperson to convene a special and urgent meeting at his earliest convenience."

The DA maintained that it was in the best interest of the country for the dire state of affairs at Eskom to be addressed immediately, "but being on holiday now seems to take priority for the members of this portfolio committee", he said.

"The failure of the committee chair to accede to our request is frankly a dereliction of duty and shows that the ANC does not take oversight seriously."

The committee was duty-bound to exercise its oversight responsibility and to take necessary action to make certain that Eskom’s failure to deliver on its mandate of providing electricity in an efficient and sustainable manner was addressed.

"The DA had hoped that our request was reasonable and worthy of receiving the consideration it deserves, especially given the devastating effect Eskom has had on the lives of ordinary citizens and the clear and present danger it poses to our economic well-being.

"A vacation cannot be more important than fixing the ongoing crises at Eskom because the economy and South Africa have run out of time. Decisive action is urgently required to begin fixing the ongoing problems at Eskom, there is absolutely no more room for dithering," Cachalia said.

African News Agency (ANA)