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Couple convicted for murder of ex-Naspers CFO Eric Wiese

Couple convicted for murder of ex-Naspers CFO Eric Wiese
Sanie Wiese, the widow of murdered former Naspers chief financial officer Frederik (Eric) Wiese, said the conviction of his killers was a confirmation to her that the South African legal system works.

Wiese spoke to the media just moments after a Gugulethu couple was convicted by Judge Taswell Papier.

Nomfundo Mtshawu and her boyfriend Vuyolwethu Mgemane were both found guilty of murder and Mgemane was convicted for an additional count of housebreaking with intent to rob, with aggravating circumstances. Mtshawu was acquitted on the housebreaking charge.

The decease’s half naked body was found lying face-down on the floor in his bedroom on August 4, 2017.

He was discovered by his wife, who had returned from the shops to buy things for their son’s 50th birthday celebration.

“Today was a confirmation that our legal system still works and I am satisfied with the judgment.

“Judgment to me is the peak of the hearings so we will wait patiently for August 1 to hear what their punishment will be, but I am satisfied with the court case thus far,” she said.

The widow broke into tears when she spoke about the support she has been receiving from friends and family. Their three children live abroad, her sons live in America, while her daughter lives in New Zealand.

In delivering his judgment, Judge Papier said State witnesses, the widow, security personnel and the investigating officer in the case made a good impression on the court.

According to the investigating officer, Mtshawu on the day of her arrest said she “only held” the deceased but did not kill him.

Mtshawo’s case was that she was not present when Mgemane strangled Wiese. She recalled him punching the deceased with a fist but said he was alive when they left his home.

She admitted to stealing six cellphones, a 42-piece cutlery set, a wristwatch, food, wine and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Judge Papier said it was improbable that Mgemane would have managed to assault, strangle and drag the deceased on his own.

“The deceased was 1.85 metres tall and weighed 89kg. He was well built and slightly overweight. It is improbable that Mgemane would be able to drag, tie and strangle the deceased on his own, without requiring assistance of Mtshawu,” he said.

He said Mtshawu must have foreseen that the brutal assault, by fist and booted feet as admitted by Mgemane, would have led to the death of the deceased and that she failed to intervene or distance herself from it.

Sentencing proceedings will commence on August 1.


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