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Classes cancelled at UKZN Westville after students clash with security guards

Classes cancelled at UKZN Westville after students clash with security guards
Durban - Classes have been cancelled at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville campus after students clashed with private security guards.

Students said they are protesting over the exclusion of their peers who were not able to register for the second semester. 

While an official statement has not been issued out by the university, many students got to university and found their classrooms locked.

"I heard they might be a strike but I came because I did not receive a notification saying classes are cancelled," one student said.

About 100 students had gathered at the university cafeteria during the early morning and started singing. 
A student at the University of KZN Westville campus throws a rock at security guards. Video: Thabiso Goba

A confrontation then followed with the heavily armoured MI7 private security guards.

Private security guards fired runner bullets and stun grenades at the students while students threw rocks back at them.

Sanele Hlongwa, central Student Representative Council President at UKZN, referred the to a statement when asked about the strike.

The statement arose from a meeting held by the university's house committee on the 16th of July.

"We have noted that a great number of students are facing academic exclusion we are therefore saying that academic exclusion should be place on hold for the semester and all student who didnt perfom well should be brought back and put on probation," the statement read. 

Among other issues raised in the statement were problems with National Student Financial Aid Scheme funding, unsanitary student residences and later shuttle times for the Westville campus. 

South African Police Service have been called off to the scene and the situation has dissipated with many students leaving.