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Accused in dog poo case thanks God as she released on bail

Accused in dog poo case thanks God as she released on bail

The Cape Flats nurse, accused of feeding her boyfriend's mistress dog poo is free.

Elizabeth “Mimmie” Williams, 38, was granted R5000 bail by the Goodwood Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Mimmie appeared relieved when she heard she would be going home after spending several weeks in jail.

This after a video, filmed on 26 July, showing her forcing Ivodene “Dienkie” van Niekerk, 28, to eat a bag of dog poo for sleeping with her boyfriend Jubie went viral and she was arrested on 2 August.

Mimmie, along with co-accused Princess Gopie, Porchia Jonkers, Amber Booysen and Desmond Alexander who are all out on bail appeared before Magistrate Bukiwe Sambudla.

Sambudla explained that Mimmie only faced a Schedule 1 offence and that the State had failed to prove she was a danger to society.

State prosecutor Laurentia Morkel previously argued that Dienkie would be terrified knowing Mimmie was out of jail.

Sambudla also highlighted the testimony of the investigating officer, Detective Constable George Sylvester, that Mimmie, who is a theatre nurse at Tygerberg Hospital, was found with a medical scalpel on the day she was arrested and allegedly told officers she was suicidal.

Sambudla explained that defence lawyer, Andrew Joyce, conceded that Mimmie’s acts towards Dienkie were inhumane and should not be tolerated, but argued that the nurse had no previous convictions, pending cases or outstanding warrants.

“There is no evidence before this court that the accused will endanger the safety of the public.

“There is no evidence that she will attempt to evade her trial.

“If one looks at the evidence of the State it must not be a possibility, it must be a likelihood that this thing will happen,” the magistrate said.

She said while she viewed the offence as serious, it was not enough to keep Mimmie in jail.

The magistrate set bail at R5000 and ruled that Mimmie could return to Eureka Estate, where she will be living mere kilometres from Dienkie.

“Dankie Here!” a woman was heard saying in the gallery.

Mimmie took her pom-pom off and let her dreadlocks down as relatives confirmed they have the bail money.

She was placed under 24-hour house arrest and is only allowed to leave her home for court appearances.

She is also not allowed to go to Tygerberg Hospital or have any contact with Dienkie.

The case was postponed to 25 September for a regional court screening.

Dienkie’s family could not be reached for comment.

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