Will Mashaba and Maimane join forces?

Will Mashaba and Maimane join forces?

JOHANNESBURG - Outgoing Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba on Tuesday said he wished he had understood the levels of corruption in the city before he took the job.

Last month, Mashaba announced that he would be stepping down as mayor and terminating his membership from the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Mashaba has hinted at the launch of a civil society platform and has also not ruled out joining forces with former DA leader Mmusi Maimane.

Wednesday will be his last day in the office and he said he would focus on saving South Africa once he steps down.

Mashaba announced his resignation from the DA last month. Mashaba made the announcement after Helen Zille was named as the DA’s Federal Council chair in October.

He said the DA was no longer the same party he joined in 2014 and that when he joined, it was because he believed in Mmusi Maimane’s vision.

“I am gravely concerned that the DA I signed up to is not the one that emerged from this past weekend.”

Mashaba had previously told 702 ahead of the Federal Council meeting that he would resign if the party was to be taken over by what he called right-wing elements.

Maimane also resigned from the party, along with Athol Trollip.

"And in the end, we have come to the conclusion that despite my best efforts, the DA is not the vehicle best suited to take forward the vision of building One South Africa for All. It is with great sadness that in order to continue the fight for this vision I so strongly believe in, and the country I so dearly love, I today tender my resignation as leader of the Democratic Alliance," Maimane said.

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