#WeSeeYou: DA says Camps Bay mansion occupiers are violating rights of others

#WeSeeYou: DA says Camps Bay mansion occupiers are violating rights of others

CAPE TOWN - The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Friday said while it supported gay rights, it was against the ongoing illegal occupation of a mansion in Camps Bay by a group of queer activists.

A group of seven activists called #WeSeeYou staged a protest at the luxury house after they formally booked it for last weekend only.

But they did not leave saying they would be staying there indefinitely. Friday was their fifth unpaid day in an effort to draw attention to land and housing matters.

DA spokesperson for small business development, Zakhele Mbhele, said they supported the Airbnb’s demand that the occupiers vacate the premises by Friday evening.

Mbhele said those taking part in the sit-in were not the victims they portrayed themselves as but were undermining the legitimate struggle of many to advance LGBTQIA+ rights.

“We cannot condone this method and this criminal action of occupying the home because it is hypocritical to claim to advance a rights-based agenda by violating the rights of others,” he said.

Mbhele said the group’s actions were tainting that struggle and putting their own interests above those of the property owner, and the tourism and hospitality industry.

He added that while the party did have respect for their desire to highlight the plight of vulnerable queer people, women, and children - illegally occupying someone else’s property completely distracted from their goal.

“As the DA, we must take a principled stance to uphold and defend property rights and security of private property,” Mbhele said.

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