'We do not drive around in BMWs costing R700,000-plus' - CT mayor

'We do not drive around in BMWs costing R700,000-plus' - CT mayor

CAPE TOWN - National government must take a look at its own expenditures before seeking to regulate the spending of local municipalities.

So said Cape Town executive mayor Dan Plato in response to National Treasury's municipal cost containment regulations which come into force next month.

According to Finance Minister Tito Mboweni "The regulations aim to promote better governance and management of finances by municipalities. This is in line with the spirit of the MFMA and other applicable regulations, which require that managers must manage but also be held accountable."

Mboweni wants to clamp down on wasteful expenditure.

But Plato says the national government must make sure it's keeping its own side of the street clean.

"I think national should begin to look at themselves as well and what is going on with regard to their expensive trips and expensive vehicles."

Plato said the City of Cape Town is not guilty of unnecessary and wasteful spending.

"We do not drive around in BMWs costing R700,000-plus, we drive around in ordinary motor vehicles costing much, much less than that - Toyota Corollas and so on. Even the Premier travels economy class and mayor committee members also."

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