WATCH LIVE| Mzwanele Manyi continues testifying at state capture inquiry

Mzwanele Manyi is expected to continue his testimony before the state capture commission in Johannesburg on Thursday.

The former government communications boss said on Wednesday that the inquiry was attempting to “ambush” him.

Manyi, who returned to the stand under subpoena after his initial testimony in November 2018, interjected before the commission's advocate, Kate Hofmeyr, who is leading evidence, could begin.

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Manyi's objection to testifying was reminiscent of his initial testimony, when he requested that then evidence leader advocate Vincent Maleka recuse himself because his questions were “prosecutorial”. 

“I don’t think the commission is ready for me and I certainly am not ready. I should have been given ample opportunity to prepare. I feel like I am here for an ambush ... I am asking for an adjournment until the commission can give me all the things I need to consider,” he said.

The hearing continues. 

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