Tributes continue to pour in for late Kimi Makwetu

Tributes continue to pour in for late Kimi Makwetu

CAPE TOWN - Parliamentarians on Tuesday paid heartfelt tribute to the late Auditor General Kimi Makwetu.

Makwetu died on 11 November after battling lung cancer for two years. He was 54 years’ old.

In the National Assembly on Tuesday afternoon, parties across the political spectrum described him as an outstanding public servant who hated corruption and did all he could to combat it.

The Democratic Alliance’s Jan de Villiers described how Makwetu became a bookkeeper for the family’s business in Gugulethu, in Cape Town, before going on to become a chartered accountant and becoming Deputy Auditor General in 2007.

“He could have joined any number of private sector opportunities with great financial upside yet that was not his choice. Mr Makwetu chose to join the Auditor General of South Africa. He chose to be a civil servant. He chose to serve his country and her people above enriching himself.”

The United Democratic Movement’s Nqabayomzi Kwankwa said Makwetu carried out his duties with humility and diligence.

“He never waivered from speaking crooks to power and demanding accountability from those who were tasked with the responsibility of management of public interests.”

Leader of the Good Party, Patricia De Lille, said Makwetu was a true son of the soil and a servant of the people.

“AG was fearless and steadfast in his commitment to ensure that public money was spent to serve the people of the country.”

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