Ramaphosa calls for peace, unity among Northern Cape leaders

Ramaphosa calls for peace, unity among Northern Cape leaders

PAMPIERSTAD - President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for peace among the Northern Cape’s municipal leaders, saying he was aware of the conflict between different entities.

Ramaphosa was addressing the residents of Phokwane in Pampierstad as part of the build-up to the African National Congress’ (ANC) January 8th celebrations this Saturday in Kimberley.

Despite existing in what appears to be a perpetual cycle of infighting within the governing party, Ramaphosa said the party would only be effective if members united.

In reply to some of the municipal challenges expressed by residents, the ANC leader urged the local government leaders who were accused of fighting among themselves at the expense of service delivery to call a truce.

“The ANC is at its strongest when it’s united. The ANC is at its most united when its membership is united.”

Other ANC leaders have equally taken to different parts of the province, with party deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte reporting to have said the ANC could not claim to be a leader of society while people lived in squalor.