Ramaphosa: ANC is like a cat, it will always land on its feet

Ramaphosa: ANC is like a cat, it will always land on its feet

JOHANNESBURG – African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday said the party was like a cat and would always land on its feet.

This as he rubbished doomsayers predicting the end of the governing party and praises its performance during this month’s by-elections.

The party won most of the 95 wards contested across the country.

Ramaphosa was in Rustenburg along with his national working committee to assess the province’s state of readiness to hold a provincial elective conference next year.

He called on ANC members to focus on things that unite the party and said the party remained loved.

He said it’s a strong and united ANC that would ensure the success of the economic reconstruction recovery plan for South Africa.

But he also urged his comrades to take a stand when errors are made.

“When mistakes are made, we must not just sit back and say, ‘we are not going to say anything.’ There must be constructive criticism.”

Reflecting on the party’s mission to self-correct, Ramaphosa said it had always had the ability to renew itself – comparing the party to a cat with many lives.

“We will always land on our feet because we are the ANC.”

He concluded that while the task was enormous, the ANC could turn both itself and the country around.


Meanwhile, Ramaphosa revealed that only 14% of the party’s branches have signed onto the party’s new membership system

The system is meant to root out gatekeeping and the buying of members ahead of leadership contests in the governing party.

Ramaphosa, his top six and members of the national working committee, descended on the North West today, assessing the province’s state of readiness ahead of its much-anticipated provincial conference set to take place early next year.

The ANC president spent the day in Rustenburg while other leaders were deployed across the North West’s three other regions.

Ramaphosa said it’s been a struggle to bring stability to the party in the province.

“Our movement has faced enormous challenges – enormous challenges in the North West Province and we now want stability.”

He said while the country was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, ANC branches should continue with regular activity.

“We can get rid of gatekeeping. With the past system there was a lot of gatekeeping. The new system will prevent certain people from joining. Gatekeeping is a thing of the past.”

Ramaphosa said this included getting members to buy into the new membership system, which he said would seek to reduce some of the issues which have plagued the ANC in the past.

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