MPs praise Tsakani Maluleke as SA's next Auditor-General

MPs praise Tsakani Maluleke as SA's next Auditor-General

CAPE TOWN - Members of Parliament on Tuesday heaped praise on Tsakani Maluleke, who is set to be the next Auditor-General.

Maluleke will be the country’s first woman to be appointed as the head of the Chapter 9 institution.

The ad hoc committee established to recruit the country’s next Auditor General unanimously agreed to select Maluleke when it met.

Maluleke will take over from Kimi Makwetu when his seven-year term comes to an end in November. MPs were all in agreement that Maluleke was the best candidate from their interviews.

The committee interviewed six chartered accountants for the top job.

“I’m there proposing Honourable chair that this ad hoc committee accept that Ms Tsakani Maluleke was the best of the best of the candidates that we interviewed,” said African National Congress (ANC) MP Sfiso Buthelezi.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) MP Jan de Villiers also welcomed the recommendation, saying Maluleke had the necessary public finance management and audit experience.

“It gives me great pleasure to concur with all the recommendations of my colleagues made thus far and support Ms Tsakani Maluleke for the appointment of the new Auditor-General of South Africa,” De Villiers said.

Freedom Front Plus (FF+) MP Wouter Wessels said: “Ms Maluleke was definitely in my view the most suitable candidate.”

The National Assembly was expected to adopt the committee’s recommendation when it meets next Tuesday.

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