Malema calls on 'progressive forces' to defend Independent Media

Malema calls on 'progressive forces' to defend Independent Media

Johannesburg - EFF leader Julius Malema has come out guns blazing against Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan, calling him an 'enemy of black excellence'. 

Malema has called on progressive forces to defend Sekunjalo Independent Media, who he says is under siege because of Gordhans 'disrespect for black people.' 

Malema was speaking on the sidelines of the EFF's second National People's Assembly held in Nasrec, south of Johannesburg.

Malema's comments on Gordhan follow the PIC’s application to liquidate SIM. 

The application was deemed frivolous by the company and has been slammed by the ANC, PAC, APC, EFF and other civil society organisations. 

"Independent Media must be allowed to exist. It is the only news agency that doesn't follow the cabal. It will be a sad day in this country if we only have the media of the cabal.

“After Independent Media they'll come for every black executive in this country. Pravin thinks he is powerful. From the 80's he has destroyed all black people who disagreed with him. 

“As the EFF we have taken a position to stand against Pravin, therefore we are calling on all progressive forces to defend SIM. If we must we should take to the streets," Malema said. 

Malema has accused Gordhan of being behind the attack on the publishing company because it contradicted a pro-white agenda. 

At the conference, prominent lawyer Dali Mpofu was  ousted from the top 6 and the CCT. 

The Malema faction known as "Matorokisi", emerged strongly in the 40-member Central Command Team of the EFF. 

The CCT is the highest decision making structure for the Red berets. . 

The EFF amended its constitution from 30 to 40 members, and 54% of it is represented by women. 

Delegates elected 22 women into the 40 member CCT,  surpassing the requirement of having 50% women representation in the organisation's highest structure between conferences.

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