LIVE FEED: State Capture Inquiry January 21, 2019

LIVE FEED: State Capture Inquiry January 21, 2019

Johannesburg - Forensic auditor Trevor White is expected to continue giving law-enforcement related evidence on Tuesday at the Zondo Commission.

White, a partner and director of PricewaterhouseCoopers told the commission of inquiry into state capture that contracts to controversial KZN businessman Thoshan Panday's entities were made without following proper procurement procedures.

White added that these goods and services were then supplied at inflated prices and in some instances, were not supplied at all, to the prejudice of the State.

White said he was able to reconcile R12 749 533.32 of the R20 138 222.52 invoiced to the SAPS by Panday's related entities to their supplier invoices.

He added that he had determined from these reconciliations that Panday and/or his related entities have made a gross profit of R8 480 149.12 of the R12 749 533. 32 that was paid to them by the SAPS.

Last week, Colonel Johannes van Loggerenberg said a probe into Panday and his companies was launched after it had appeared that several police members at supply chain management were used by Panday to acquire tenders in respect of accommodating police members for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.


He said after enquiries at hotels and bed and breakfast businesses in Durban, it was discovered that Panday was charging the SAPS more than 200% above the normal price.

Van Loggerenberg told the commission how a search-and-seizure operation conducted he and other investigators conducted at the Panday’s offices led to the team’s discovery of the evidence of Panday’s tender price inflations.

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