I am singled out, says Jacob Zuma of arms deal charges ahead of court trial

I am singled out, says Jacob Zuma of arms deal charges ahead of court trial

Former president Jacob Zuma believes that he is being singled out on the arms deal scandal. .

In a trailer for the season finale of the Zooming with Zumas reality show on YouTube, Zuma says he does not understand why he was charged for corruption and fraud related to the arms deal when he was an MEC in KwaZulu-Natal at the time. 

Zuma also questions how the democratic state has treated him, falling short of comparing it to how he was treated by the apartheid regime as a freedom fighter.

According to Zuma, the decision to drop his unending court appeals on the matter and opting for trial is to put the matter to bed once and for all.

Zuma claimed that he never played a part in the arms deal.

The resumption of his trial to answer to corruption, fraud, money-laundering and racketeering charges is set for June 23.  

In Zuma's view, while he has been branded "corrupt" relating to his alleged role in the arms deal, those who took part in it were living comfortably.

"Just look at how my name has been dragged and destroyed by a democratic and justice kind of society I believe I have fought for," said Zuma.

"That is unfortunate that I find myself being named as I was named by the racists that I was a terrorist when I was fighting for the freedom of South Africa.

"This has worried me a great deal as to what type of society are we talking about. Are we different from how those in authority handled us during apartheid than those in authority today?

"As you would know, I never participated in the arms deal. I was an MEC in KZN.

"But all people who participated in the arms deal are free [and] comfortable [while] I have been singled out as the most corrupt."

The former president added that there was no evidence of corruption.

It was for this reason that he believed that the court trial would help "so that we can find where is this corruption".

In part seven of the show where Zuma is asked leading questions by his son Duduzane to be released this week, Zuma will also speak about his experiences as a political prisoner and a freedom fighter pre-1994.