EFF will govern SA sooner than you think, says Floyd Shivambu

EFF will govern SA sooner than you think, says Floyd Shivambu

EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu has made a bold prophecy that the red berets will be the ruling party sooner than the country anticipates.

Since its formation in 2013, the EFF has become a thorn in the flesh of the ANC and the DA as king makers in provinces such as Gauteng and Nelson Mandela Bay metro.

Speaking on Newzroom Afrika to JJ Tabane on Monday evening, Shivambu said the EFF was ready to single-handedly govern the country. 

"Judging by what has been happening for the past six years, it looks like we are going straight to running this country. We are going to provide decisive leadership to the people of South Africa once the people of South Africa have trusted us with that responsibility. It looks like it will be sooner than many people have anticipated."

Support for the red berets had significantly grown in 2019's national elections when compared to 2014 results.

"If you check the EFF numbers from 2014 to 2016 and to 2019 in Johannesburg, they have been consistently and impressively growing, and that points to the direction that ultimately we will take over government," said Shivambu.

In 2014 the EFF garnered 6.3% of votes, and in the 2019 national elections the party secured 10.7% of  votes. 

When asked about the party's stance on shared power, Shivambu said the EFF would prefer to govern the country alone.

"Whether there must be a coalition government or not, it is the decision of the voter. The voters must choose if they want a government that is going to be provided by one political party or if there is a stalemate.

"In a situation where there is no outright winner you are forced into a coalition government, but in terms of what we envisage for the future, we would want to provide government alone. The EFF is now available to be government."