DBE revises school calendar again

DBE revises school calendar again

The Department of Basic Education has for the second time, revised the school calendar for 2020.

President Ramaphosa said a few weeks ago that the school year would be extended into 2021. Well, now it won't.

In terms of the new version of the calendar, schools will resume on August 24 but will be completed on December 15 for grades R to 11.

The Department of Basic Education, in the statement released on Saturday, noted that teaching, learning, and assessment for the 2020 academic year must be concluded by December 15 2020 for grades R to 11.

The new school year will commence on January 25 for teachers and pupils a few days later.

Basil Manuel, president of National Professional Teachers Organisation of SA, talks to Refilwe Moloto about the confusion and concern caused by yet another change to the school year by the Department of Education, none of which have been officially gazetted.

Manuel says Naptosa has never expected that the full academic year would be able to be completed.

We've always said, let's save learning, let's move away for a concept that we knew from the outset we wouldn't be able to attain - that is saving the academic year.

Basil Manuel, President - Naptosa

There is important learning that should take place between now and the end of the year, he adds, with a special focus, in particular at primary school levels, on reading, mathematic and language which have posed challenges.

If that is what we would have achieved then we would have achieved enough.

Basil Manuel, President - Naptosa

His understanding is that an examination would not be completed early next year, but rather key concepts would be taken over into 2021 from the earlier grade into the following grade,

The pressure, therefore, is to be looking at the 2021 curriculum and identifying these key areas.

Listen to the interview below:

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