Dali Mpofu slams 'fools' who mock EFF's new MP Ringo Madlingozi

Dali Mpofu slams 'fools' who mock EFF's new MP Ringo Madlingozi

Advocate and EFF national chairperson Dali Mpofu slammed "fools" who mocked the party’s new MP, Ringo Madlingozi.

On Thursday, Mpofu thanked Eugene Mthethwa for a post he wrote aimed at ANC members for being "mean" to Madlingozi. This comes after the veteran musician was sworn in as an EFF MP on Wednesday.

In his Facebook post, Mthethwa expressed how he felt “disgusted” by the reactions of ANC leaders and their treatment of Madlingozi.

Mthethwa said picking on Madlingozi showed “immaturity and political intolerance”.

“Their reactions towards him really embarrassed me when, as a country, regardless of our political affiliation, we need to rally behind the president of the Republic of South Africa in building a better country for all,” said Mthethwa.

To be honest, I felt disgusted by the reaction of our elders and leaders in the ANC, they did what I resent about the...

Posted by Eugene Mthethwa on Thursday, 23 May 2019

Mpofu responded: “Only fools can laugh at the political bankruptcy of those who seek to mock the presence of a cultural giant such as Ringo in our parliament.”

Mpofu said those mocking Madlingozi “can’t grasp the roles” of musicians.

“They can’t grasp the roles played by [Mariam] Makeba, [Hugh] Masekela, [Caiphuis] Semenya, [Letta] Mbulu, [Mzwakhe] Mbuli [Blondie] Makhene and [Jonas] Gwangwa,” said Mpofu.