DA to suspend George Mayor Melvin Naik

DA to suspend George Mayor Melvin Naik

CAPE TOWN - Following an almost two-year investigation, the Democratic Alliance (DA) is suspending its George mayor.

Melvin Naik will on Tuesday be informed of the intention to suspend him.

He will have 72 hours to respond to the DA’s intentions.

The forensic report makes two very serious findings against Mayor Melvin Naik.

He's accused of corruption and interfering in the municipality’s administrative processes.

The DA’s Geordin Hill-Lewis said that the findings were substantiated by several admissions by individuals involved as well as compelling circumstantial evidence.

"Given that these allegations are substantiated with fairly compelling circumstantial evidence, the DA has taken the decision to proactively and immediately communicate our intention to suspend him."

The DA also believed there was evidence that certain relevant documents were withheld from investigators.

Naik will be charged in terms of the DA’s constitution and this move could spell the end of his political career.